2017 Wide-Format & Signage Readers' Choice Top Product Awards

Our 2017 lineup of more than 30 winning products – as voted on by readers and print service providers around the world.

April 1, 2017
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Our 2017 lineup of more than 30 winning products – as voted on by readers and print service providers around the world.

Each year, Wide-Format & Signage turns to the industry to help us name the winners of our Readers’ Choice Top Product Awards. More than 150 products were nominated across an array of categories by readers and print service providers worldwide, as well as the industry and our own editorial staff. The result: an exceptionally strong lineup of more than 30 winning products – as voted on by the members of the visual-communications industry. Our congratulations to the winners!

Finishing: Cutters & Routers

D3 Dual-beam Cutting System, from Zünd

The Zünd D3, Zünd’s latest development in digital cutting/routing systems, gives print service providers the ability to dramatically increase productivity in their finishing departments. The D3 features twin beams that can each carry up to three different tool modules and operate independently and simultaneously in one ultra-efficient production workflow. Depending on the specifics of the job, a D3 configuration can effectively double the throughput of a single-beam cutter. As is standard with Zünd cutters, D3 integrates seamlessly in existing production environments and lets customers add only the tool, material-handling, and workflow features that make sense for their specific finishing needs.

Finishing: Equipment & Supplies 

CleanTape, from Mactac

Mactac’s CleanTape is a solvent-free, low-VOC line of industrial tapes. Consisting of a double-coated tape solution, known as CleanBond, and a transfer adhesive solution, known as CleanFilm, the low-VOC product line meets JIS-A1801 (Japan Industrial Standards) guidelines for critical substances and offers customers new environmentally friendly solutions for a wide variety of industrial tape applications, including graphics installations. Featuring acid-free acrylic adhesive technology, Mactac’s CleanBond (CB418X-80 series) and CleanFilm (CF408X-80 series) products are coated with the company’s proprietary LV820 low-VOC acrylic adhesive that delivers non-migratory and non-leaching properties, as well as excellent peel and tack performance. The products both exhibit excellent chemical and UV resistance and provide superior strength and dimensional stability for optimum handling through various die-cutting processes and more.

Finishing: Laminates

Transparent Colored Overlaminates for Conform Chrome Films, from Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison Transparent Colored Overlaminates create dazzling new color combinations with five popular colors of Conform Chrome films. While adding another layer of color, the overlaminates also protect films from scratches and surface damage. They are very conformable with excellent dimensional stability and durability. They have shown strong resistance to UV, temperature, humidity and salt-spray. A smooth and stable liner allows these overlaminates to reduce surface mottle defects and lacquer picks as well. Avery Dennison Transparent Colored Overlaminates for Conform Chrome films are available in three distinct colors – orange, green and purple – and with the five existing Conform Chrome colors, they create dazzling new color combinations. Together, the films offer a multi-layer functionality that protects the chrome film from being scratched or damaged.

Finishing: Laminating Equipment

JetMounter JM63 Fuzion XD, from Drytac

Excellent for laminating vehicle wraps, creating window decals, and mounting graphics to substrates, the JetMounter JM63 Fuzion XD is ideal for shops wanting to add roll-to-roll laminating capabilities at a lower price point. Features of the Fuzion XD include: a top roller with heat assist to 110°F (43°C) to help prevent silvering; laminating width of 63 in. (1600mm); large 4.7-in. (120mm) diameter non-stick silicone rollers; 1-in. (25mm) nip opening; nip pressure indicator; fold down front table; heavy-duty metal construction with lockable casters; built-in flip open storage compartments; "hold flat” paper in-feed guide; top and bottom auto-grip supply shafts with brake tension control; top auto-grip take-up shafts with adjustable clutch speed; and emergency stops and safety photo sensors for protection.

Ink & Toner: Dye-sub/Textile Inks

Artistri PK2600 Digital Textile Pigment Ink, from DuPont

Artistri PK2600 ink was developed by DuPont for EFI Reggiani and is designed primarily for cotton textile roll-to-roll printing that shows performance comparable to reactive ink results. In addition to cotton textile roll-to-roll printing, Artistri PK2600 ink also has been shown to work well on a number of fabrics that cannot be printed with reactive inks including polyesters, viscose, cotton/polyester blends, and non-woven materials. Pigment inks offer a streamlined workflow, faster turnaround, and greatly improved environmental attributes that mills and print specifiers are demanding. Artistri PK2600 ink provides these benefits while still offering true color and the soft feel comparable to reactive printing, excellent fastness, and best-in-class digital printing performance. Because Artistri PK2600 ink requires no steaming or washing production steps, job turnaround is significantly faster while water and chemical usage and costs are minimized.

Ink & Toner: Solvent (Eco/Mild/Hard) 

UltraChrome GSX Ink, from Epson

Epson UltraChrome GSX solvent ink, leveraged in the 64-in. SureColor S70675 printer, features newly formulated Cyan and Light Cyan inks, plus an all-new Orange Plus ink to produce vivid output with an expansive color gamut for outstanding results in the signage, vehicle graphics, fine art, and packaging markets. Improvements to the yellow, high-density white and all pigment construction with zero nickel or fluorine compounds promote high user and environmental safety, while the new high-density white ink, with high levels of opacity, opens up a range of specialized applications such as window graphics. In addition, because the optional silver ink can be printed simultaneously with other colors, users can produce a wide range of metallic effects. Epson UltraChrome GSX solvent inks are available in individual 700-ml cartridges, enabling users to avoid production downtimes and maximize profitability.

Ink & Toner: UV Ink

Rho Roll 3M Premium UV Ink Series, from Durst and 3M 

The Rho Roll 3M Premium UV Ink Series from Durst North America and 3M are new premium, co-branded inks for the Durst Rho 512R and Durst Rho 312R large-format UV inkjet digital roll printers. By employing these premium UV inks, Durst users will be able to offer 3M MCS Warranty Certified graphics upon completion of the certification process. The new Durst Rho Roll 3M Premium UV Ink Series (inks available in C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm) is formulated specifically for use on the Durst Rho 512R and 312R UV roll-to-roll platforms. The combination of Durst’s world-renowned innovation and durability with the added backing of a 3M MCS warranty will elevate roll-to-roll productivity and reliability to a new level, the companies report. Choosing 3M-branded inks assures users of Durst Rho 512R and 312R printers that all of their graphic components have been designed to work together, with the backing of 3M.

Media: Fabric & Textiles

Printable Fabric 9100, from 3M 

Capturing the texture and physicality of a design is often the most elusive, yet unique aspect of branding, especially for outdoor installations like awnings and umbrellas. With new 3M Printable Fabric 9100 from 3M Commercial Solutions, backed by the 3M MCS Warranty, graphic manufacturers can now bring an elegant and unique aesthetic to a company’s outdoor branding that goes well beyond the ordinary. 3M Printable Fabric 9100 is a fabric designed to be digitally printed upon, that provides a durable and upscale finish for awnings, umbrellas, and sign flags. 3M Printable Fabric 9100 was optimized to work with EFI for VUTEk GS3250LXr, GS5250LXr and GS5500LXr Pro Printers using EFI VUTEk GSLXr 3M Superflex UV Inks. The launch of Printable Fabric 9100 also features 3M Scotchcal Ultra-Matte Overlaminate 9025UM, a new overlaminate specifically designed to protect the fabric and earn coverage from the 3M MCS Warranty.


Media: Fine Art & Photo 

FineArt Panoramic Format Papers, from Hahnemühle

Hahnemühle has added two panoramic formats to their FineArt Photo Rag papers. The matte-coated Photo Rag 308 and the high-gloss Photo Rag Baryta are now available in 21 x 59,4cm (8.27 x 23.39-in.) size. The moderate 21cm width of these papers ensures that most LTR size fine-art printers will accommodate this format. Present your landscapes and cityscapes in a perfect way – with the new panoramic formats from Hahnemühle; the sheet sizes enable you to print your panoramic images in a straightforward manner. Photo Rag 308 is the most popular paper chosen by photographers to create high-quality fine-art prints; the fine, smooth surface and feel of Photo Rag 308 make this paper very versatile and it is ideal for printing black-and-white and color photographs as well as art reproductions with impressive pictorial depth.Photo Rag Baryta combines the virtues of a luxury cotton paper and a traditional baryta board; the very fine surface texture with the baryta gloss endows images with a particularly expressive character.

Media: Floor Graphic Media

Envision Print Film 48C-20R, from 3M 

3M Envision Print Film 48C-20R is the latest innovation from 3M that combines versatility and greener materials to create a powerhouse intermediate non-PVC film that can be applied to windows, walls, floors (when used with appropriate overlaminates that provide slip-resistance), signs, partial vehicle graphics, and more. This film is 100-percent printer compatible, designed for solvent, UV, and latex inkjet printing and UV screen printing. It features 3M Controltac Technology for slide, tack and snap-up, and 3M Comply Adhesive for air release to enable bubble-free application. It's inherently more tear-resistant thanks to its high tensile strength. The graphics market can now enjoy the performance features valued in 3M Controltac Print Film 40C, in a non-PVC version.

Media: Grand-Format Media 

GF8864 Fabric, from Fisher Textiles

GF 8864 Fabric, one of Fisher Textiles’ most popular fabrics, is now available at 125-in. wide. The new width allows for finished 10-ft graphics with ample room for sewing. GF 8864 wht/wht/wht is our three layered woven fabric for dye-sub and UV printing that is excellent for double sided banners and silicone edge graphics. It has a tight weave to minimize space between yarns and produces exceptional print quality and opacity, to a greater extent than most fabrics. Wrinkle-resistant, GF 8864 is registered in the State of California (CSFM Registration Number: F-68901).

Media: Media Handling/Storage

On-A-Roll Lifter Jumbo from Foster

Foster’s new jumbo roll lifter is designed specifically to handle the large rolls used by fabric printers. The Foster On-A-Roll Lifter Jumbo is one of the largest models in the Foster On-A-Roll Lifter line and incorporates ergonomic features enabling printer operators to quickly and effortlessly lift media as heavy as 990 lbs (450 kg), with diameters as great as 19.6 in. (50 cm), and widths as great as 16 ft, 5 in. (5 m). Media rolls, particularly those carrying fabric and film, are getting bigger and heavier as mills and printers look to minimize shipping costs and inventory; these larger rolls can be dangerous for operators and warehouse personnel to handle. The On-a-Roll Lifter Jumbo enables a single wide-format press operator to safely manipulate media rolls in shops with limited floor space and to single-handedly position fresh rolls for quick and easy mounting.

Media: Semi-Rigid & Rigid 

Production Display Film, from LexJet

LexJet Production Display Film is designed for the quick and easy printing for all kinds of display graphics, including tradeshow graphics, banner stands, and point-of-purchase displays. The matte surface is scratch- and water-resistant, and produces exceptional image quality. LexJet Production Display Film is an economical choice for lay-flat tradeshow and POP graphics that will be mounted on pop-up and retractable display systems. Compatible with water-based UV pigment and latex inks, this opaque film hides the display hardware. LexJet Production Display Film is compatible with aqueous, latex, and UV pigment inks.


Media: Vehicle Wrap Media

Print Wrap Film IJ180mC-10, from 3M 

3M Print Wrap Film IJ180mC-10 provides customers with a go-to film that covers all the bases of application needs. With advanced slideability and initial tack optimized for wraps, installers will be able to move the film across any application surface and expertly reposition the product to the perfect location after first contact. Along with improved liner release and the ability to stretch 130 percent without primer, IJ180mC-10 also provides a non-visible comply pattern to ensure a smooth, bubble-free finish to a completed wrap.Offering incredible installation features and diverse application and design benefits, IJ180mC provides wrap shops and installers with a product that is fine-tuned for wraps, regardless of the project type.


Media: Wall Graphic/Wallcovering Media

HP PVC-free Durable Suede Wall Paper from HP Inc.

HP PVC-free Durable Suede Wall Paper is an easy-to-print and install wallcovering option that helps customize interiors with durable, colorful and creative wall decorations that last. This wallcovering produces high-impact graphics with an extended range of colors. Engineered with ColorPRO Technology to deliver color excellence, this digital wall-decoration solution from HP delivers professional quality and striking results. Be productive with HP PVC-free Durable Suede Wall Paper – prints are easy to install and remove. Maintain high productivity with this easy-to-use solution. This wall paper goes up with common adhesives and installation techniques. Prints produced with HP Latex Inks on HP PVC-free Durable Suede Wall Paper are Type II (ASTM F793) compliant for durability characteristics – ideal for use in environments subject to wear and tear.

Media: Window-Graphic & Backlit Media 

Simple Grip Backlit, from LexJet

Take backlit and window displays to a new level with LexJet Simple Grip Backlit, a polyester film with removable adhesive that delivers versatility in printing and mounting. This film is easy to print and install on the inside of the window when you want to view the graphic from the inside or out. Images look outstanding day or night, and really pop when paired with back or front lighting. The dimensionally stable, water-resistant polyester has lay-flat construction that won't shrink or warp even when exposed to the heat from lighting. It also has excellent scratch resistance that keeps graphics looking great over time. It's easy to install and remove with no residue left behind. Use LexJet Simple Grip Backlit for dynamic window applications, retail displays, menu boards, light boxes and much more. LexJet Simple Grip Backlit is compatible with UV and latex inks.


Output Device: Aqueous/Durable Aqueous/Latex (24-95 in.)

Latex 570 Printer from HP Inc.

Expand your capacity with the HP Latex 570 Printer optimized for fleet management. Drive high productivity with fast print speeds, along with workflow and cost efficiencies. The HP Latex 570 provides cost-effective production and is easily integrated into your fleet. Features include: spindleless pivot table and automatic skew adjustment (load rolls in one minute or less); up to 23 m2/hr (248 sq ft/hr) indoor quality mode; run unattended – print 100-m (328-ft) length SAV rolls with heavy roll support up to 55 kgs (121 lbs); i1 embedded spectrophotometer and HP Custom Substrate Profiling; native 1200 dpi; cost-effective 3-liter HP Latex ink cartridges that can be changed while the printer runs. Plus: Control your fleet from afar with the HP Latex Mobile app, which provides for remote monitoring; and the HP Latex 570 utilities allow the user to plan production in advance and predict how much ink is needed. .Integrate this printer into your larger fleet management system with the HP printer internal development kit.


Output Device: Engineering

PageWide XL 4000 Printer from HP Inc.

The HP PageWide XL 4000 Printer allows technical work teams and copy shops to produce 8 D/A1-size prints per minute (monochrome and color), helping teams increase on-the-job productivity and keep the focus on creating. Features include: Print, scan, copy in a single device – integrated 1200-dpi scanner with advanced and convenient workflows; quick 30-second first page out; up to 4 rolls with 100-page integrated top stacker; HP PageWide XL pigment ink for dark blacks, vivid colors, moisture/fade resistance – even on uncoated bond; protect and manage confidential jobs more securely – retrieve documents at the printer with a PIN; help safeguard confidential information using a self-encrypting HDD with AES-256, Secure Disk Erase and IPSec; reduce time and costs of managing individual drivers by using HP DesignJet Universal Print Driver.


Output Device: Flatbed (24 in. +) 

Acuity Select HS 30 series, from FujiFilm North America

Fujifilm North America’s Acuity Select HS 30 series is a high-speed addition to the popular Acuity Select series. Capable of printing at speeds of up to 620 sq ft/hour, the new HS 30 offers all the benefits of this hugely popular and successful Acuity UV flatbed printer series, including superb versatility, near-photographic image quality, excellent ease of use, and the ability to produce a wide variety of applications on a range of substrates up to 2-in. thick (as well as thinner and sensitive media due to its UV lamp technology). Features include: enhanced print quality with the option of using light cyan and light magenta – ideal for producing photographic images or fine art reproductions; a new pneumatic pin registration system for quick and easy media loading; an automated printhead maintenance system; an enhanced high-pressure vacuum system that reduces the need for masking of the bed. Available in two channel variations - 6 and 8 channels, across six new models, and in the standard (49.6 x 98.8) and X2 (98.8 x 121.7) print-bed sizes. A roll option is available for each.

Output Device: Grand-Format 

Latex 1500 Printer from HP Inc.

The 126-in. (3.2-meter) HP Latex 1500 Printer offers a robust, affordable superwide printing solution, providing fast turnarounds on a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications, including PVC banners, self-adhesive vinyl, textiles, and double-sided prints. Printing at speeds up to 74 sq m/hour (800 sq ft/hr) in outdoor production mode and up to 45 sq m/hour (480 sq ft/hour) in indoor mode, the printer maintains quality print after print with 1200 dpi HP Thermal Inkjet printheads, auto nozzle replacement, an optical media advance sensor (OMAS) as well as an embedded spectrophotometer. The Latex 1500 also features third-generation HP Latex technology, delivering prints that are completely dry and scratch-resistant immediately after printing. Other features include: cost-effective 5-liter HP ink cartridges; an accessible print zone that features LED lighting for easy loading; and an internal print server and a status beacon that enables at-a-glance production monitoring.

Output Device: Hybrid Printer

ValueJet 1638UH from Mutoh

The ValueJet 1638UH 64-in. hybrid printer provides real production based UV-LED performance at an affordable price. Its staggered dual print head design provides high print speeds and the dual UV lamps, on either side of the print heads, provide exceptional cure times allowing for higher production capacity. Because it’s a hybrid, it not only gives you the ability to print on rigid substrates, it also gives you the flexibility to print on roll media as well. Print on material up to a half-inch thick and save valuable floor space with its dual-function and multiple application design. The CMYK plus white and varnish ink options are ideal for printing packaging prototypes, POP displays, and indoor signage.

Output Device: MFP

PageWide XL 5000 MFP from HP Inc.

The HP PageWide XL 5000 MFP provides fast and efficient monochrome and color prints in a single device, with up to 30 percent savings in total production costs. The MFP provides small- to medium-sized reprographic houses and enterprise central reprographic departments (CRDs) mid-volume technical document production at speeds up to 14 D/A1-size prints per minute. All units come with one media drawer and two full sets of inks. HP PageWide Technology consists of more than 200,000 nozzles on a stationary print bar and spans the width of the page, enabling breakthrough printing speeds. Extended time between service station cycles also enables outstanding sustained productivity capacity. The HP PageWide XL 5000 MFP features powerful, efficient monochrome and color production with up to 30% savings in total production costs.

Output Device: Solvent (24-in.+)

SureColor S80600, from Epson

The 64-inch SureColor S80600 features newly developed Epson UltraChrome GS3 9-color solvent ink – including an all-new Red solvent along with the option for white or metallic silver inks – resulting in outstanding photographic print quality, durability, and media compatibility. When combined with its all-new precision media feeding system and high-performance Dual-Array PrecisionCore TFP printheads (dual one-inch wide, 720 nozzles/color), the SureColor S80600 is one of the most productive and photographic sign printers available. The SureColor S80600’s UltraChrome GS3 inks feature: high-capacity ink cartridges at 700 ml per color; the ability to print on virtually any media type from adhesive vinyl to banner material; same day lamination; environmentally responsibility (no special ventilation or air purification is required); 3M MCS warranty and Avery ICS Performance Guarantee, and the ability to reach up to 98.2% Pantone coverage.


Output Device: Textile Printer 

ValueJet 1938TX, from Mutoh

Enter the world of textile printing with the 75-in.-wide ValueJet 1938TX direct-to-textile printer from Mutoh. Create customized fashion apparel, upholstery, interior decor, scarves, tradeshow graphics, soft signage, flags, sportswear, and much more. Print designs and photographic art work directly onto a variety of fabrics including closed, open non-stretch, face-in and face-out roll media. Its high-quality engineering, Smart Printing Technologies, wide print area, and fast print speeds are only a few of the features that make the ValueJet 1938TX a valuable addition to any print shop looking to enter or expand their textile printing applications. The ValueJet 1938TX employs 2 heads for blazing fast print speeds up to 914 sq ft/hr. Its 8-channel piezo printhead technology helps make the images stand out and look sharp to even the most discerning viewers.

Output Device: UV Printer 

Océ Arizona 2280GT, from Canon

A member of the best-selling UV flatbed printer family in the world, the Océ Arizona 2200 UV Flatbed Printer Series includes two different large format models – each available in two different table sizes. The GT table size enables standard production of single 4 x 8-ft boards while the XT supports an 8 x 10-ft print area that can also be configured to support dual 4 x 8-ft board printing. The 6-channel and 8-channel flatbed printer models are upgradeable to a maximum of 8 ink channels allowing a wide variety of ink combinations utilizing CMYK plus extra CM or Lc, Lm plus single- or double-white and varnish. The Océ Arizona 2200 series flatbed large format printers are all based on an Océ-developed platform that combines a true UV flatbed printer design and an optional separate, dedicated roll-to-roll capability.


Prepress: Color Management, Proofing, File Editing/Prep 

PLUS Series from X-Rite PANTONE

Pantone has announced PANTONE PLUS, the next generation of the PANTONE Matching System. Enhancements include the chromatic arrangement of colors for more intuitive selection, an expanded palette of spot colors, the addition of new premium metallics, and a broader range of neons. PANTONE Color Manager Software, available free-of-charge with every PLUS SERIES purchase, lets designers update design applications with the new PLUS SERIES Color Libraries. An added feature allows users to convert spot colors to CMYK simulations based on loaded ICC profiles. Creatives can also access the entire PANTONE PLUS Series from their iPhones with the myPANTONE iPhone application. With the myPANTONE X-Ref iPhone application, designers can cross-reference all PANTONE Color Libraries. All guides in the PLUS Series include a ColorChecker Lighting Indicator to instantly show whether current lighting conditions are suitable for color evaluation. All books in the PLUS Series are printed on text-weight paper to more closely reflect the majority of printed work today and meet certification standards set forth by the Forest Stewardship Council.


Prepress: Scanning 

ROCKET II Scanner Controller, from Paradigm Imaging Group

Paradigm's exclusive Rocket II Scanner Controller takes large-format scanning and copying to a whole new level – bringing performance, ease of use, and excellent scan quality for graphic arts, fine art, photography, pre-press, reprographics, POP, GIS, mapping, CAD, AEC, and document archiving applications. Used for large-format copying, the Rocket II Scanner Controller features an optimized architecture that yields a fantastic combination of value and performance delivering the best possible performance from large-format scanners. The enhanced Rocket II Scanner Controller comes equipped with a faster processor, upgraded graphics capabilities, and is network ready which makes it the fastest and more affordable large-format scanner solution.

Software: MIS Software 

Midmarket Productivity Suite version 4, from EFI

The EFI Midmarket Print Suite is a comprehensive out-of-the-box MIS/ERP software workflow that has been enhanced to provide businesses better, faster, and more accurate data collection, communication and analysis. Plus, the software also includes new features specifically designed to meet the needs of display graphics/superwide-format print providers, including integration with EFI Fiery digital front end systems for wide- and superwide-format production. Production floor personnel can benefit from workflows that reduce touches in print operations, with greater automation for setting device capabilities, scheduling and managing capacity. Managers can similarly benefit with new, segment-specific data and analysis tools not available before to track, measure and enhance their businesses’ overall profitability. The software also includes tools to facilitate better communication between sales teams and production staff.


Software: RIP Software

Caldera RIP V11, from Caldera

To mark the company’s 25th anniversary, this new version of Caldera’s pioneering RIP software brings more power and possibility to the printing process. New to V11 are enhanced color control, better file preparation, and massively improved RIP speeds. Designed for quality and built for power, V11 truly enables you to print without limitations and to stretch your production goals further than you thought possible. V11 is a powerful desktop RIP solution for printers of all sizes using digital ink-jet. If you’re using wide-format at moderate volumes, Caldera V11 will make your production more cost effective, whatever your hardware configuration. Leveraging Caldera’s extensive and long-lived partnership with Adobe, V11 incorporates the latest version of Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE 4), as well as practical advances in image and business control options.


Software: Web2Print Software 

Webshop 1st Edition, from Caldera

Caldera Webshop is a robust e-commerce platform, providing a fully-featured solution which allows you to tailor your store to your individual set-up. This SaaS product integrates seamlessly with Caldera’s RIP software, creating a complete sales-to-production solution that saves you time and makes you money. The only web-to-print solution developed specifically with wide-format printers in mind, Caldera WebShop helps you promote your products online, opening up new sales opportunities, and increasing the number of orders coming into your business.


Software: Workflow Software

StreamLive, from Caldera

StreamLive is an easy-to-use SaaS application that allows you to create your ideal production process, track jobs in real time, and automate your most time-consuming tasks. The entry-level product includes an impressive range of features. StreamLive is cloud-based and allows users to create customer job sheets, submit files to software workflow, connect with Caldera RIP and automate e-mail reporting. The functionality of this scalable software suite can be extended with a wide range of bolt-on options – allowing you to tailor it to specific needs while controlling costs. The options include a calendar-based planning module, custom document generation, preflight, and connections to a range of popular software packages.

Note: To be considered for these awards, a product had to be released, commercially available, and shipping between September 2015 and December 2016. Voting was open to all print service providers worldwide in late 2016 through February 2017.