JD Graphic to Install First RMGT 9 Series Press with Roll-to-Sheet Feeder & LED-UV Curing

Three Key Technologies - One Super-Efficient Platform - Yields Tremendous Advantage

September 12, 2019

With an office in the famed Printers Row, James DeBlasio, Sr. and his wife Maria started JD Graphic in 1963 as a premier print broker in Chicago. Today, JD Graphic spans three generations as James DeBlasio Jr., President, and son Nick DeBlasio, Vice-President, lead a family-based management team serving the greater Chicago area. With more than 40 employees, JD Graphic operates multiple sheet-fed, web and digital presses as well as a full-service finishing department. This fall, JD Graphic continues their expansion by installing an RMGT 920PF-8+LED-UV eight color long perfector equipped with GEW’s Leo-LED-UV curing system and a Quantum QRS roll-to-sheet feeder.

“We are a commercial printer at heart,” states Nick DeBlasio. “My father and grandfather built this business and nurtured a progressive culture that we maintain down to this day. With the RMGT 9 Series, we have the versatility to stay within our current lane and expand into a new exciting marketplace. This newly developed roll-to-sheet feeder is the first of its kind for the 9 Series press. I believe it is going to be a key to our future success — it will allow us to save a lot of money on paper costs and the RMGT 9 Series offers the lowest cost of print manufacturing as well.” Since JD Graphic has extensive experience with web presses and the paper supply chain, DeBlasio identifies the ability to add a roll feeder to the RMGT 9 Series press was a key factor in their decision to invest in the RMGT long perfector.

“We understand rolls, and we understand the price difference, availability of stock and labor cost reduction. If we can buy rolls and sheet them down, that will save a lot of money for us — savings we can pass along to our customers as well. Add in the wider range of stock options, and not having to wait for someone else to sheet it all for us, and I believe this new press is going to be a real catalyst for growth.”

Replacing one of their older Heidelberg webs with an LED-UV equipped RMGT 9 Series long perfector will provide JD Graphic with much higher print quality, a wider range of substrates and ink gloss levels that are unheard of in the web world. This key strategic move will open numerous new sales avenues for JD Graphic. By offering features like fully automated plate changing, Insta.Color make-ready automation and virtually non-stop operation the new RMGT press will dramatically reduce waste, improve speed to market and provide an outstanding finished product to JD Graphic’s customers.

While the company has built a very successful commercial print business during its first 56 years, it is also looking ahead 10-15 years for new growth opportunities. DeBlasio can now target the high-quality label and packaging space. Having the roll sheeter will give JD Graphic a significant financial edge as they expand into these segments where stocks like metalized, high-grade board and expensive plastics play such an important role in job costing. Blending the tremendous advantages of an 8 color RMGT offset press, GEW LED-UV curing and Quantum roll-to-sheet technology onto one super-efficient platform will allow JD Graphic to muscle into these new markets from a position of strength.

“The RMGT 9 Series with a roll feeder is capable of running long runs without stopping as well as run like a digital press with quick make ready times and very little waste,” says Nick DeBlasio. “This is a really exciting venture for us. The next step once the press is installed will be marketing our new capabilities and taking even better care of our loyal customer base. We’ll take the time to really learn the new press and then start to experiment with different substrates and materials. Honestly, I hope that in a few years our business will have grown so much that I’ll need to install another one.”

“Lately there has been a lot of buzz around convergencein the print industry — and for me, JD Graphic is the perfect example of that entire concept. The great news is that JD Graphic will be converging toward two of the most stable and lucrative market segments,” says Chris Manley, President of Graphco, the RMGT distributor for the region.

“They have grown tremendously, and found lots of success as commercial printers, but the next phase of their growth will take them in a new and lucrative direction — packaging and labels— while continuing to provide the high-quality products they have always produced. This is a great company, run by a great family, and it will be exciting to see what they do with their new RMGT press. We work hard to offer our customers The Unfair Advantage every day and I’m keen to see how far JD Graphic can push their advantage.”